Company History

The original Angle Pivot™ devices were developed to solve the foreshortening problem on 45 degree incline/decline conveyors in a painting job shop in late 1989.

The system has received several patents in 1991 and since. With warm encouragement from many knowledgeable people in the industry, AP Conveyor Corporation was incorporated in December of 1991, to promote the use of tooling systems in other plants.

The Charter installation was in 1992, powder coating washing machine lids. Approximately 60 lines are now running in appliance, automotive, electrical equipment, and other industrial plants.

These have been both retrofit and initial installations.

One-stop shopping has been offered, by providing both the Angle Pivot™ tooling and the part hangers or racks which are custom built completely to the project requirements.

Recent additions to the product line are a beam device to increase line density on large cube-shaped ware package parts, and an automatic rotator plus Angle Pivot™ combination for increasing line density and preventing rack-to-rack contact on power and free conveyor systems.

In 2011, AP Conveyor was purchased by Mighty Hook, Inc. and was moved into Mighty Hook's Chicago based facilities.

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