What are the Advantages of Angle Pivot™ Technology?


Maximum production rates from the line. Can beat H-attachment mounted tooling by 20%- 50%. This provides necessary capacity increases in existing systems, and will permit new systems to be built smaller and cheaper.
2. Better first pass transfer efficiency. Having a "solid wall" of parts in front of the guns at all times gets a maximum percentage of sprayed powder onto the parts and a minimum onto the booth walls, floor, and overspray collection system.
3. Other advantages of better FPTE are reduced powder residence time in the booth, which reduces exposure to foreign material contamination, and reduced squeegeeing of the booth walls and floors to get the oversprayed powder back into the collection system.
4. More accurate gun-to-part spacing. Racks don’t “dog-trot” through the corona zone in front of the guns.
5. Mutual robbing between vertical edges. As vertical edges of the work envelope of the racks are brought within 2"-4" of each other, the high current density surrounding the edges is brought much closer to the average value at the center of the envelope. This reduces the haloing or picture framing tendency which would otherwise cause heavier film deposition on these edges.
6. Sixty-degree incline and decline capability at no loss in
This is advantageous if equipment modifications impose routing constraints on the inclines and declines of an existing system, or if heat-seal washers and ovens with bottom entry are used in the design of a new system.
7. Availability of rotators and/or c-hooks. Two or four detent positioned rotators, with manual, star wheel, or torpedo actuation, can be used with the continuous load bar Angle Pivot™ system at any time, to facilitate coverage or to ease the loading and unloading of the tools. C-Hooks with sanitary pans below the load bar row may also be employed for an additional increment of cleanliness in the washer-through-oven portion of the system.
8. Fast installation. With proper advance preparations, conversion of a line to the Angle Pivot™ system can be accomplished over a long weekend or a vacation shutdown.
9. Increased equipment maintenance time. Taking a three-shift painting operation to two shifts will enable necessary routine maintenance and cleaning to be performed on the third shift. This will increase yield percentages of good parts on the two production shifts, and will probably help solve the supervision problem that all third shift production operations seem to share.

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