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Q. Is Angle Pivot Tooling™ a good fit for my paint line?
A. This is something you may be able to answer by asking yourself the following questions. 
  1. Is my ware package hung from an overhead monorail chain conveyor?
  2. Do I have a minimum of 30 degree inclines and declines on my conveyor?
3. Is my ware package length-to-thickness ratio a minimum 2.5:1? (The larger the ratio the better.)
  4. Do I have enough room at my hang on and pack off areas to accommodate the added production?
  5. Do I need a production increase from my paint line?
  If you answered yes to all five questions you are a very good candidate for Angle Pivot™ Tooling.
  If you answered no to any or all of the above questions you may still be a good candidate for Angle Pivot™ Tooling, however your pay back period may be longer depending on your situation. Please email us on the contact page.
Q. What is the average payback time for companies that have purchased Angle Pivot™ tooling?
A. The average payback time is 8 months or less. We do not pursue customers whose cost savings fall short of an 8 month payback.
Q. Is there a way I can install a sample of Angle Pivot™ Tooling on my conveyor to test the product prior to purchasing it?
A. We never sell Angle Pivot™ Tooling to any customer without first installing a sample on their system. We go into your facility and install a sample onto your conveyor. We then run this sample around the system to make sure there are no interferences. This sample is left at your facility for as long as you require. We do this free of charge.
Q. Who are some of your existing customers?
A. General Electric, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, Sunbeam, Bosch and Charbroil are a few of our existing customers.


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